Seriously, Is A “Free Web Host” Free?

free domain name hostingYou might get a free web host, but sooner or later you might realize that not everything is totally free like you had expected it to be. There might be literally thousands of free web hosting companies whose ads are always surfacing online, but no one can always stay in business for too long without having to give it away. What most companies that offer free web hosting services do is that they will end up recovering the money through other different means like registration of the domain name. For example, you might get free hosting but you will have to register the domain for say $10 a month.

As a site owner you will always get numerous forms of limitations like number of email accounts, storage space and bandwidth. This becomes difficult for people who go for free web hosting and would like to make some upgrades later when they become more successful. The host will always find a way of recovering hostgator coupons the money so you will always realize that they will post advertisements on your web page. This means that each and every time the banners are shown, they will end up getting paid. However, you might also have to pay up for other additional features like domain theft protection, virus and spam protection among other add-ons as well.

The question about web host free can always be debated because it is never that free like most people might imagine. It depends on what your site will be used for because if you will need to run some business on your site, then you might as well need to pay up and get some quality services for you and your customers. If you don’t need tons of bandwidth, email and storage is a nice option. Also ensure that the host is always at your service 24 hours each day to respond to any questions or when you have difficulties. Basically, if you are new and want your first web page, then free web hosting is the way to go because you will not have so much and intensive requirements for the site.

When it comes to web host free it also depends with the service provider. Even though they might have a catch in it, they do business online to be a lot easier and profitable. You might just land a good deal and earn a six figure income overnight because your business will be reachable to millions of potential clients so long as the website is presentable and can be accessed easily. All you have to do is that you ensure some amount of emails per month, restrict too much posting of pop ups and adverts on your site as well. You can always invest a reasonable amount of money on your website and it won’t hurt at all. This will allow you to expand your services and reach more clientele. This will be reliable and better than then free web host which will certainly come with all the forms of limitations that might not be appealing.

Reasons to Choose a Web Host Reseller Package

There are many web hosting companies offering reseller services today. This is the type of hosting where a web master holder rents out some disk space, domain hosting and bandwidth features to other companies. Essentially, the patented host company uses its resources to make a profit by renting them out to other companies.

A company in need of reseller services could sign up a contract with the parent company; whereby they will only pay up for the services as they add more clients. This way, the reseller will only get to pay for the service as their business becomes profitable. On the other hand, the parent company can opt to offer a certain package to the resellers, in which case certain amount of money is paid at the end of every month.

reseller hosting

A web host reseller package offers end users individual control panels. The end user also gets a chance to brand their own web hosting company without necessarily having to include the names of the parent host. More so, the end users can configure their own accounts, according to their needs. Note that some features such as the emails, additional scripts and monitoring tools are always the same as those offered by the parent hosting company.

Advantages of Reseller Packages

  • Price

The reseller packages are cheaper than the normal rates offered by the webmasters. Therefore, the biggest advantage of going for the reseller services is that you will save some money while at the same time receiving quality hosting services.

Young companies venturing into the world of online marketing can benefit greatly from the cheap prices offered by the reseller companies. With only a few dollars per month, they will be able to run a cost effective online marketing that could set them on the growth path.

  • Versatility

Another reason why people love web host reseller package is because of the versatility of the services. You do not need to worry about the system and language compatibility. As such, many people can benefit from the hosting services because there are no limitations.

  • Getting it all from one company

You can have all your needs met from one place when you opt for reseller packages. Most of the service providers specialize in offering all types of internet technology services. As such, you may receive one package that covers all your needs other than outsourcing for different services from different companies. In the end, you end up saving on costs, time and you get convenience in web hosting and related services.

Research Is Important

To get the best out of web host reseller services, it is important that you do your research well on the parent host. This is especially because the major set back in going for such services is that you may end up dealing with an inexperienced and unskilled parent host who can not assist you when need be. Most people have complained of lack of support because of the inability of the company offering reseller services, and it could lead to serious losses.

Buy Your Web Hosting And Domain Together

Domain Registration and Web Hosting are two different sets of work and quite apart. Domain Registration, on one hand, is

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registering for an IP Address. It gives you a name for a particular IP Address and then you could design your website on this domain. Web Hosting, on the opposite hand, is the actual website functioning, where a server is being provided to the web master by the host. And, then all the files and databases are being stored on this server, and your website becomes active. It also helps in publicizing and advertising your website on various Ad networks. Though, both of them are different yet related. They are similar to the two sides of a single coin, distinct yet inseparable.

Now, we must understand how they are related.

The basic need is the website first. So, we must have to have a domain and the website ready. Once it is done, we can web host the site. So, the first step is the domain registration, and the next is web hosting.

There are two methods of doing this job. The first is to buy a domain name from a different dealer and a web host from a different one. And, the second is to buy both the domain and the server from the same dealer.  Both the ways are used in the market in accordance with the wants of the user.

But, it is desirable to do web hosting and domain registration together. This is helpful as it simplifies the work by the web master. Keeping the record of both the domain as well as the server under one login credentials is must better than having two. Also, it strengthens the bond between the server and the client making the process more happening, accurate and faster.

There are situations when a user bought a domain name but didn’t register for web hosting. There is a gap between the website development and the actual website being displayed online. People usually find it better to upload the final website rather than the one in progress. But, it is proved to be better to do both the web hosting and domain creation together as it helps the web maker to realize the real time bugs, errors and requirements.  Thus, it is always desirable to do both these works together.

There are few people who register the domain at a site distinct from that of the web host. It too has its advantages and disadvantages. Advantage being, what if you got a discontentment with the web host. You could easily shift your domain to a different host. It would have been difficult if the domain and the host were together.  And, drawback being, a much complex record of credentials.

Every method, every approach has an affirmative and negative point, it is the need of the user which decides which approach to select. Thus, every method is a good one in its way and could be used as per the requirements.